Injections in the spine

Injection therapies are part of the fastest and most effective methods of orthopedic pain therapy. The injection of analgesic and anti-inflammatory drugs has an influence on the causative disorder to the spine.

Injections in the small vertebral joints (facet joints)

The paired facet joints connect the vertebral bodies with each other in the rear area. Instabilities and wear may result in local pain in the region near the spine.
The analgesic, to which a small amount of cortisone is often added, is directly injected in the vertebral joints. This leads to reduction of the inflammatory capsule swelling. The targeted injection can be administered in the vertebral joints themselves as well as to the supplying nerve cells.

Paravertebral Infiltration

A local spine problem like strain and wear, for instance, may cause pain in the concerned region.
Direct injections in the supplying nerve fibers are particular purposeful in case of bulging and herniated discs. Also acute and chronic nerve root irritations or a narrowing of the spinal canal (stenosis) can be treated with injection therapy. These complaints are often caused by an inflamed nerve root or root blockage.

Therefore, the treatment is aimed at administering anti-inflammatory drugs and achieving reduction of the swelling. Due to the drug injection, the nerve root is calmed and the pain reduced. Repeated injections then finally lead to lowering the stimulation threshold with the aim that the pain stimulus does not impair the nerve anymore and cause an increasing relaxation of tense muscles.

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