Shock Wave Therapy

Extracorporeal focused shock wave therapy

The specific method of focused shock wave therapy facilitates precisely localized treatment of acute and chronic pain. The shock wave is a high-energy pressure wave which can be compared to sound waves. Due to the sound pulse being focused on the region concerned and its high penetration into the tissue, calcifications and blockages can be dissolved in a gentle way.

This method based on sound is especially used to treat tissue inflammations like, for instance, tennis elbow or heel spurs. The calcification is crushed into fine particles and the tension dissolved. Consequently, the patient becomes free of symptoms and feels pain relief. The necessary intensity of the shock wave depends on the required penetration and the severity of the calcification. That is why it is always customized to the specific needs of the patient.

The focused shock wave therapy is a treatment method for handling chronic and acute pain mainly in the transitional region from bone and tendon as well as the muscle. It can be used for different diagnoses:
 calcified shoulder
 tennis arm or tennis elbow
 heel spurs
 fracture healing disorders
 tendon inflammation
 stress pain in the kneecap
 irritation of the Achilles tendon
 back pain and shoulder pain
 neck tension
 shortened muscles
 adductor irritations (Gracilis syndrome)
The success rate of the focused shock wave therapy is very high. It is highly precise and can replace surgery in individual cases.
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