Chiro-therapy is a medical discipline facilitating the treatment of functional disorders of the spine and the joints by the use of certain manual movements. The diagnosis is made by palpation and identification of potential problem areas. Another aim of this treatment method, which is often referred to as manual therapy, is to restore the mobility of the joints.
Chiro-therapy offerss four forms of manual intervention:
Pressure point therapy, massage, mobilizing and therapy using targeted movements. In mobilization therapy the focus is on gentle, slowly performed stretching and relaxing exercises on muscles and ligaments. In contrast manipulation therapy is based on rapid, jerky impulse-movements.
These forms of therapy achieve the mobilization and relaxation of disturbed motion segments and also facilitate, for instance, the adjustment of displaced vertebrae and ribs.

For the joints of the extremities, manual therapy offers particularly effective treatment possibilities often followed by rapid alleviation of symptoms. Apart from manual and mobilizing therapy, injection therapy or infusion therapy may often be additionally considered.

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