Acupuncture is a very good complementary therapy which has already proven its worth in many illnesses and conditions. It may harmonize disturbed functions and release blockages. Chronic diseases of the spine and joints, allergies, disorders of mobility and tensions are part of the most common applications in orthopedics.

In classic acupuncture very fine needles are used. Ear acupuncture is a system on its own and independent from body acupuncture. It is connected with all organs and body functions. The ear reflex points reflect an exact image of the whole body.
There are many meridians (paths of life-energy) passing through our body. The energy flow is regulated through certain points along different paths.

The modern method of laser acupuncture, which is completely pain-free and just as effective, offers an alternative to classic acupuncture, Due to the selective stimulation by the laser beam an energetic impulse is set restoring the balance in the organism.
Laser acupuncture is particularly suitable for the treatment of children and patients who are afraid of needles.

On behalf of the World Health Organization (WHO) an international commission of experts has collected more than 40 illnesses and health problems for which acupuncture treatment promises success, some of which are listed below:

– many acute and chronic pain disorders
– follow-up treatment of hip, knee and disc surgeries
– tinnitus
– headaches and migraines
– depression, listlessness, sleeping disorders
– gastrointestinal diseases
– neurodermatitis
– wound healing disorders
– grinding of teeth
– allergies
– menopausal complaints